Alice, Alice?…who the f#&k is Alice

so it’s been a while but you humble narrator has been pretty pissed at the Blue Jays…and a lot has happend from the BS mutiny to all that crap with Doc to the answer to prayer with JP leaving so I really don’t want to break anything down today nor to I can to give any retro spective analysis to JP Retardie’s track record however, I do want to wax my advance scouting skills by suggesting the Jays make get Alice Cullen a starting pitcher


So that’s all from yours UNfaithfully……..Shine on, Cheers and Smell you later.

Mr Bogangles


Happy July 4th.

Coach Cito I feel it for ya.

After all these years I like to think that I know you, in
fact last July 4th we sat beside each other at the Claim Jumper for
lunch before the July 4th game where Halladay got a big W over Lackey and the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles USA Planet
: in fact in that game, the 3 and 4 hitters, Alex Rios and Vernon
Wells, provided clutch hits and power (a late double by Rios and Vernon with
Rios on 2nd {that is runner in scoring position} driving him home with a moonshot homer late in the game too??? WTF!!?!? where did that go???), and the game was saved
by BJ Ryan, who’s focus was not deterred by a rally monkey or the heart of the
Angles order, which last year was Vladimir Guerrero , Torii Hunter, and Mark Teixeira. 


However, today I want to honor an honorable man: Cito

I believe that it truly pains you to demote players down the
batter order or sit them which is what you had to do with Vernon and Alex.

It must be rough dance when your dance partner is
millionaire athlete with a major league ego, I can’t imagine what it is like to
waltz on eggshells everyday; I guess that is the reason a lot of managers sit
on the end of a bench during a game looking tired and worn out because they
need they’re rest from the dance which must be exhausting.


I hope today’s July 4th yields the same return as
last year for our Blue Jays over another Mark Teixeira team (which now is a divisional
rival and part of the Axis of Evil and the Big3), and a similar result for Rios,
Wells, Doc and of course you Coach Cito.


That’s all for now from yours faithfully…….Shine on, Cheers,
and Smell you later!


The Big Long Contract

T birdie logo.JPGGreetings and Salutations,

In the words of my friend Kenny, “Wa happen”?

Indeed, wa happen to Vernon Wells ability to hit and be a clutch performer, not to mention what happened to his gold glove: In Brian Tallets last start against the Phillies on Sunday, which series was lost to a play in my humble opinion by Wells, Brian pitched really well, in fact a quality start and though had one bad inning which the World Series Champs put some runs on the board; however, none of that would have happened if Vernon would have caught the ball at the wall like he did before the big long contract.  There I have finally succumbed to whole notion that players play for the big long contract then take it easy afterwards, but I didn’t want to believe that and was sort of fooled at the start of the season by Vdub. 

If you recall at the start of training camp, which in baseball’s history was when most players would come out of shape to get into shape, Vernon, who is in this case is a bit of a traditionalist as witnessed in past years, came this year with a  personal trainer whose been getting Wellsy ready for camp to show the world that he’s worth every penny of the big long contract; but Vernon would be sidelined soon into the pre season and where we learned that he has chronic hamstring issues; and for those of you who like to expand Chronic is also known as unending, unceasing, constant, continual, etc. 

So, I’m assuming that the Blue Jays have competent well heeled doctors and trainers on staff, and would likely have known this prior to the big long contract.  This big long contract by the way has been suggested to be way lower than what Vernon Wells would have received on the open market and Vernon out of love for this organization took the proverbial hair cut to stay with the Blue Jays.  Again, if the Blue Jays have the knowledgeable doctors and trainer and presumably have known of the unending, unceasing, constant, continual hamstring issue then why in the in name of baby Jesus would they give such a big long contract, moreover why wasn’t that information made public and thus other teams back off and negotiate from a better position and if Vernon would have walked or went back home to his home state of Texas, who wanted and had room for him at the time, the public perception would not have been so negative toward management since the guy has unending, unceasing, constant, continual hamstring issues.

DON’T GET ME WRONG, I still believe in Vdub and want him on my team, and don’t fault him in any way for taking the money, because WE ALL WOULD TAKE THE MONEY.  I’m just disappointed in a whole bunch of little things, for example:

1)       If Vernon is averaging .160ish at home and about the same with men in scoring position why when we’re playing a division rival who we’re neck in neck with for the wild card spot do we not put Lyle Overbay in the 3 spot, which in history he’s played, and let him have the opportunity for the clutch hit.

2)       Why would the team all for the neon green banner, which is the banner which Vernon lost the ball at the wall in the last Phillies game, to be in the outfield; true, I know that the team needs the advertising revenue however, there could have been something done to the banner to keep the company branding and not be a distraction.

3)       In that 5-4 loss with runners on and in the bottom of the 8th why not put in someone else; even though Cito has his mantra about keeping the status quo, he has already shuffled the deck and he could after the game make some PR spin comment to protect his player.

4)       In follow up to that last situation, why not bunt? If you can’t drive in the runners, then move them along.

Again, I still believe in Vdub and want him on my team, and don’t fault him in any way for taking the money because it’s not my money (well I do go to games and watch every other on TV so I do contribute to viewership which is deemed an asset thus there is a economic contribution on my part), but I just want a little more.



That’s all for now from yours faithfully………Shine on, Cheers, and Smell you later!



Vote for Pedro




You know it’s amazing how fast a month can go by. Unfortunately, your
favorite blogger has been struck harder then an Aaron Hill homerun by this
economic recession and I’ve been distracted with deciding what to do with my
life. And obviously in baseball a lot can happen any given night let alone over
a 30 day spell.



OF COURSE I’ve been watching ball, and today felt compelled
to finally write something since in
one of my last blogs I indicated how much I dislike interleague ball and since then your Toronto Blue Jays lose a home series to the Fish from FLA and then sweep the Philadelphia
World Series Champs.  BUT, I don’t want
to kick that dead interleague horse today.





Lets give a shout out to Marco Scutaro! WOW! Is this guy a
player or what?


In my 20+ years watching baseball I have never seen a guy so
into a game as Marco.  And today, in an interleague game, against the Phillies
Marco, on his second plate appearance, was thrown 4 balls and issued a walk;
however, being the gamer that he is Scutaro noticed that Joe Blanton was
distracted by his disgust in himself as Joe was hanging his head with his back
to second and, more importantly, no one was covering second so which stealth and
speed Marco took full advantage and second base.  Fortunately V-dub has been quietly getting in
some hits moreover, hits with runners in scoring position, and Vernon did just
that lining one into the gap for Marco to score a BIG run in a tight game for a
sweep over the team who’s World Series history was linked to Toronto first
World Series Championship until last year when they won the darn thing in the
most bizarre championship game ever.





What’s Up Doc?  With
the recent and unlikely interleague sweep of the Phillies there doesn’t feel
like there is panic should Roy Halladay miss more than just his next start
against the Washington Nats; however, that does not mean that Griff from the
Star is wrong in suggesting that the Beaston should book some plane tix for him
and J.P. and write a check that most of us could only dream of (  That’s right I think just like in
Dynamite we should VOTE for Pedro!

Napolean vote of pedro.jpg

that in his 7 years in Boston Pedro has a 2-2 record with a 3.09 ERA and 53K’s
in 46.2 innings pitched, not bad but not great; still, the man throws strikes
and thus has my vote.  Besides, over that
span you’ll be surprised how average high spending teams plays against your
Toronto Blue Jays.



BOS P stats 98-04.JPG


Fantasy Watch:

Team Polstar is still in first place up 188 points on trots
team with the WinJays a not so distant third 398 points back.  My secret, is all Blue baby!




That’s all for now from yours truly…….Shine on, Cheers, and
Smell you later!



Say it ‘aint so Joe

powder blue uni.JPG
From all angles they look the same but with a 4 game losing streak.

Is this the fall from grace, say ‘aint it so Joe.

So its been up and down lately with a sweep by Boston and then a rare night where Doc Halladay does not get the win.  I really don’t want to reflect much except to say to all the Shea Hillenbrands that the ship is not sinking. 


Prior to the Boston sweep there was an intriguing stat for this season that the Jays have a poor record in series when the Doc doesn’t pitch, which was most evident in Boston.  So a sweep carried over into the dumbest thing in baseball, inter-league play and a 1-0 loss to the Braves on Cito’s first game back since the World Series win in 1992.
Inter league Sucks!
With such an obvious advantage to the NL team there should be changes.  I concede that states like New York, California, Florida, and Texas with teams in both leagues likely appreciate inter-league so there needs to be some sort of governors vote which teams participate with some teams having an opt out option.  However, I also think that the inter-league play should be used as the determining factor in which league is awarded with home advantage in the World Series instead of an exhibition game.
Regardless, with Casey Janssen looking to start his first game this year for the Blue Jays after dominating the minors and Ricky Romero back to pick up where he left off this season hardly looks like a fluke, and the Blue Jays can get back to winning series.
I wish Travis Snider all the best in getting out his rut and swinging the bat like he can. Enjoy the game tonight.
That’s all for now from yours faithfully…….Shine on, Cheers and Smell you later!

wait till 2010…

I just wanted to point that what helps make this season even better than the obvious great play by your Toronto Blue Jays was the low expectations from the media and anyone who gives a damn about baseball; and pretty much the entire off off season the general message by people in know was wait till 2010.

Yesterday the Jays, according to the prophetic ramblings of baseball people, had made it posting a 20-10 record.
God Bless Cito Gaston. 

world series trophy.jpg
Shine on Blue Jays, Shine on.